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ArrayDiagnostica has over 15 years of experience in professional consultancy for international pharmaceutical companies and biotech. We believe that knowledge in the process of selecting the right person is something much more pivotal than just selecting experience! We select quality from our own grown network. For more information call +4524431211


By selecting staffing we can offer a larger HR support for your department. We have experience in working with late stage clinical departments, Smaller biotech/discovery, full solution provider, datamanagement departments, Statistical/biometric departments and CRA and sales teams. For more information call +4524431211


Recruitment service from ArrayDiagnostic is free of charge, we do not expect payment covering a certain percentage of the yearly salary. Our service is based upon a six months working time were our clients can test our selected candidate. If the candidate meets our clients satisfaction the candidate will be transferred to our clients payroll with no further charge. Only cost is an agreed timerate the first 6 months. For more information call +4524431211

3D Medical Animation

Lysismedia is a new subsidiary in ArrayDiagnostica. Lysismedia produce 3D medical animations. We have found that the need for professional medical animations is growing. We produce animations for conferences and presentations as well as for larger scale marketing or education. We can implement special web designs as a full service part. We know that medical, biological and molecular understanding is pivotal for creating fast, economical and amazing artwork. Visit our web page and experience our newest showreel!!




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